How to Limit the Number of Submissions for a Form in Elementor Pro

Hello everyone, I'm Carlos, an Elementor Pro enthusiast and I'm happy to show you how to limit the number of submissions of a form on your website. Today, I will guide you step by step through this technique using Elementor Pro and Dynamic Content for Elementor. This strategy is especially useful when you need to manage an event with limited seats and you need to collect information from attendees. So join me on this adventure to learn how to do it!

Step 1: Preparation

To get started, make sure you have the two key plugins installed: Elementor Pro and Dynamic Content for Elementor. If you don't have them, don't worry, I'll show you how to do it while we create a form that limits the number of submissions.

Step 2: Creating a Counter Field

The first step is to create a counter field that tracks submitted forms. This counter is a native feature of Dynamic Content for Elementor. Set the counter to start at zero.

Step 3: Definition of Actions per Shipping

Now, it is crucial to establish what actions should be taken each time a form is submitted. In this case, we want the counter to add one on each send, so we configure this specific action.

Step 4: Hide and Disable the Field

To keep the UI clean, we hide the counter field and disable it. This way, visitors won't see or interact with the counter, which is critical to maintaining a smooth user experience.

Step 5: Setting the ID and Send Limit

Another important aspect is to define an ID for the counter field, which will facilitate later configurations. Next, we enable the “Max Submissions” option and set the maximum number of forms allowed. In my example, I will set a limit of two forms.

Step 6: Customizing the Limit Text

To improve the user experience, we customize the text that will be displayed when the sending limit is reached. This provides clarity to users when they can no longer submit forms.

Step 7: Test and Verification

Now, let's test our configuration. After updating the form, I will send several test forms. When you try to submit the third form, you will see that the system displays an alert indicating that we have reached the submission limit.


In summary, we have learned how to limit the number of submissions of a form in Elementor Pro using Dynamic Content for Elementor. This technique is essential when you need to manage events with limited places or any other situation where you want to control the number of forms submitted. Follow these steps and provide a more organized user experience on your website with Elementor Pro! If you found this tutorial useful, do not hesitate to like it, subscribe to my channel and activate the bell to receive notifications. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section. Share this valuable knowledge on your social networks to help other Elementor Pro users optimize their websites!

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