How to Create a Magnifying Glass Effect on Elementor Images

In this tutorial, we will learn step by step how to add an amazing magnifying glass effect to the images on your site WordPress. This effect not only enhances the display of your images, but also gives an interactive and attractive touch to your content.


Let's start by understanding the importance of incorporating a magnifying glass effect to our images and how it can improve the user experience in WordPress. In the example we will use, we will look at a specific image and recreate the magnification effect to highlight important details.

Tool Used: Visual Element Plugin

To achieve this effect, we will use the Visual Element plugin, which works with shortcodes, allowing the integration of this effect in any layout designer that supports shortcodes.

Tutorial Steps:

After installing the Visual Element Plugin, a tab will be created in the library with the list of available widgets. We will find and select the “Image Magnifi” widget for our magnifying glass effect.

Widget Settings:

We'll create a new widget with a descriptive title, such as "Image with Magnifying Glass Effect." We will select the desired image and define the radius of the magnifying glass, which determines the magnification level. Other customization options include the magnifying glass border, disabling the effect on mobile, and custom CSS settings.

Shortcode insertion:

Once configured, we will publish the widget and copy the generated shortcode. This shortcode can be inserted anywhere in the content using a shortcode widget or directly in the PHP code.

Effect Display:

Finally, we'll refresh the page to see the effect in action. Each image that we need to highlight can be easily improved with this magnifying glass effect.

And that's it! Now you can enhance your images in WordPress with this attractive and functional magnifying glass effect. Find the free link to the plugin in the video description. We hope you enjoy applying this trick to your own images! Thanks for following us and see you in the next tutorial. See you later!

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