Download files after filling out an Elementor form

In this tutorial, you will learn how to allow users download a file after submitting a form in WordPress using the plugins Elementor Pro and Advanced Custom Fields. At the end of this tutorial, your visitors will be able to fill out a form and receive a link to download an associated file. Let us begin!

Plugin Installation

To get started, make sure you have the Elementor Pro and Advanced Custom Fields plugins installed. You can find the download links in the video description.

Creating Custom Fields

Go to your WordPress dashboard and select “Custom Fields” and “Field Groups”.
Create a new group and add a field called "Download" with the desired file type.
Set rules so that this field is not displayed on public pages.

File Association

Associate the files you want users to download to the corresponding entries.

Creation of a Pop-Up

Create a pop-up for the download. Customize according to your preferences.
Insert a button in the pop-up.

Download Link Settings

Defines the link on the button using dynamic tags.
Set the URL to “Download” and select “Download” in the attributes.

Creating a Form

Create a new page where you want the form to appear.
Add the Elementor form widget and configure the fields you need.
Add a hidden field called “Download” and use dynamic tags to link it to the custom download field.
Set an action to show the pop-up after submitting the form.

Save the Form as a Template

Save the form as a template with the name "form."

Insert the Form into Pages

Insert the form on the pages where you want it to appear.

Theme Customization

If you don't already have a custom theme, create one before continuing.

Function Settings

Add a function in the “functions.php” file to display the form where you need it using the “Shortcode in Menus” plugin.


Verify that the form displays correctly on the selected pages. Submit the form to ensure users receive download links.

And that's it! Now your users will be able to download files after submitting a form in WordPress and Elementor. If this tutorial has been useful to you, don't forget to like it, subscribe to the channel and activate notifications. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments of the video. See you in future tutorials!

link to advanced custom fields
Link to show-hooks

If for this tutorial you need a plugin you can find it in the plugin page.

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